Smart Work Series: Maximum Media

Running a small business can be a lonely journey. That’s why achieving success through collaboration is an extra rewarding experience. Better Business chatted to John Burns, MD of Maximum Media, about working with other brands to stay ahead of the curve.


Maximum Media from Ashville Media Group on Vimeo.

“Brands wanted to entertain Irish audiences in a new way.”


Maximum Media is a fine example of a small Irish indigenous business that has scaled at a remarkable pace. The company behind websites such as and has grown from a minor operation in Dublin to a well-known media brand having expanded into the UK with offices located in London and Manchester. This rapid growth has come as a result of hard work and smart business acumen by founder Niall McGarry but also through clever commercial collaboration along the way.

“The majority of our content and the revenue that we generate from our site comes from collaborating with other brands,” explains Managing Director John Burns. “That’s been at the success of Maximum Media since day one, since Niall McGarry set it up. It was really a foresight that he had – that brands wanted to entertain Irish audiences in a new way, and we could do that with them at Maximum Media by creating branded content.”

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It is Maximum Media’s mission to be the most influential media company in Ireland by 2022. Having opened a new office in Galway earlier this year, and continuing to produce quality content that goes out to tens of millions of people every year, less people are doubting the idea.

“It takes a lot of guts and money to re-invest to stay ahead of the curve,” says Burns. “At Maximum Media – through Joe, Her, Her Family and Sports Joe – we are on the front foot.”

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