We Make it Work: EGG

Pictured: Gary Shortall, Managing Director, Egg./by Jason Clarke

Better Business catches up with Irish entrepreneurs blazing a trail in terms of invention and innovation and discovers how Virgin Media Business can assist firms in realising their full potential.

Specialising in film and television post production and visual effects (vfx), Dublin-based company Egg was set up in 2004 by film editors Gary Shortall and Gareth Young. Somewhat of an industry veteran having been involved in the industry since 1990, Managing Director Gary Shortall understands the inherently complicated nature of the business.

“We exist, not just to provide a service, but to make our clients’ lives easier,” he states. “Simplification is what it’s all about. There are workflows that we’ve been working on for a long time and practices that are in place based on our experience.” Having grown from a boutique facility to one of Ireland’s leading innovators in post-production, Shortall and the team at Egg know what’s needed to manage a project throughout the entire process. “Once we’ve put the right people in place and we’ve got the right technology on board, it’s easier,” he says.

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“Facilitating our team is made simple by what we’re doing with Virgin due to the speed and reliability of its superfast broadband, especially in regard to our vfx area. It makes what we do possible and allows a seamless workflow.” Shortall’s ambition is to make Ireland a hub for vfx within a sustainable industry. “We have the talent, the experience and the tax credit to make us competitive, so we just have to keep building on that,” he enthuses. “At Egg we’ve had some major achievements and competed internationally, but it’s the team of great people we’ve put together that allows us to compete to that level.”

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