We Make it Work: Republic of Work

Pictured (L-R): DC Cahalane, CEO, Republic of Work and Frank Brennan, General Manager, Republic of Work./by Jason Clarke

Better Business catches up with Irish entrepreneurs blazing a trail in terms of invention and innovation and discovers how Virgin Media Business can assist firms in realising their full potential.

From single person start-ups to large multinational corporations, Cork-based Republic of Work has created a hassle-free flexible workplace experience for its many clients since opening in 2017. Invention has been key for Republic of Work since its inception. “You bring your business here because you want to be part of a network,” says CEO DC Cahalane. “We refer to ourselves as an innovation campus. What you find across industries is that innovation is everywhere and we’re all constantly looking for better and smarter ways of doing things.

Innovation can be as complex as a strategy day inside our innovation suite, or as simple as an introduction to another member,” notes General Manager Frank Brennan. “All of a sudden there’s a collaboration that may not have happened without that shared cup of coffee.” Creating a space that inspires and builds a community was a complicated task, according to Brennan. “We had to go back to the drawing board shortly after we first opened and look at how we were going to separate ourselves from new competitors,” he says. “And what does separate us from everybody else is that community aspect we achieve by connecting our members.” Virgin Media Business’s products have provided Republic of Work with the ability to transform B2B marketing for its clients. “Having reliable internet these days is as important as having running water,” states Cahalane. “Having this absolutely rock solid Virgin fibre broadband was basically, after having a roof on the building, the next important thing for us… it’s a hardcore backbone that has never let us down.”

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