We Make it Work: Digisoft

Pictured: Fearghal Kelly, CEO, Digisoft./by Jason Clarke

Better Business catches up with Irish entrepreneurs blazing a trail in terms of invention and innovation and discovers how Virgin Media Business can assist firms in realising their full potential.

Technology firm Digisoft.tv has been developing media delivery solutions for service providers, operators and telcos to help them minimise downtime and maximise revenues for over 19 years. Today, the company is leading the Industry 4.0 revolution through its digital twin products that offer a digital representation of a real-world entity or system. The company has not been shy in embracing new digital innovations. To stay relevant in business you occasionally have to pivot, according to CEO Fearghal Kelly. “We recently reassessed all of our systems and applications,” he comments. “We researched the market; everyone was talking about fintech, blockchain, AI and machine learning, but the piece we thought most interesting was augmented and virtual reality, as it played to our interactive learning strengths.”

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Like all great leaders, Kelly knows how to adjust company focus at any given phase during its lifespan. “The most exciting part is that we’ve found ourselves at the beginning of another start-up cycle,” he adds. “Our Industry 4.0 product, CastCatcher™, is being recognised as a game changer, so we’ve already picked up significant clients, and investment groups are proactively approaching us. Best of all we’ve been selected to join the Microsoft Accelerator programme, so we hope to scale it up globally in the near future.” Kelly concludes by highlighting the importance of connectivity to Digisoft’s offering. “We try and succeed fast,” he says. “That’s why all of our business, including communication with our clients and software developers, is sitting on top of Virgin’s ultrafast broadband. It’s remarkable that we’ve had no issues, especially as we have 40 staff based here at Republic of Work and we’re probably taking up at least half of the network.”

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