SFA call for Minister for Small Business

Patricia Callan (Small Firms Association)

The(SFA) have today called for the reintroduction of a dedicated Minister for Small Business in the next Government.

Announcing a new Programme for Government, the organisation called for “ending tax discrimination” against the self-employed and entrepreneurs, tackling the rising cost of doing business and boosting investment by improving the capital gains tax regime.

Furthermore, they have called for the Government to assist small firms to compete for and win public contracts and for access to high-quality broadband in all parts of the country.

SFA Director, Patricia Callan stated, “If our new Government puts small business at the heart of its policies, then we will see the small business sector respond with increased job creation, which means enhanced local communities in all regions of the country.”

She added, “Above all else, small businesses want certainty. Therefore it is essential that all parties commit to allowing the Government to serve it’s full term. This will unleash pent up investment potential, which will allow us to achieve a sustainable 4% growth per annum, which will deliver real national economic and social progress for all.”

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