Irish fintech start-up Rubicoin raises €1.2m in funding

John Tyrrell and Emmet Savage, Rubicoin co-founders

Irish fintech start-up Rubicoin has announced that it has raised €1.2 million in funding.

This funding round, which will assist Rubicoin to expand into new markets, came from existing and new private investors, and brings to €3m the total amount the company has raised to date.

Rubicoin has also announced that its Invest by Rubicoin app is now available to users around the world. Previously, the app was only accessible to US customers but now, with a global reach of 140+ countries, worldwide investing in their cherry picked ‘showroom’ is now possible.

Through its products Rubicoin aims to demystify the stock market, and create a fully accessible experience for would-be investors through a completely mobile-led offering.

Rubicoin was co-founded by Emmet Savage and John Tyrrell in 2013 aimed at designing a product that would create millions of successful stock investors by making the investing process both engaging and enjoyable.

Supported by a long-standing and fully audited investing track-record, Rubicoin has produced two apps that places user experience front and centre, Learn by Rubicoin and Invest by Rubicoin.

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“From the very beginning, our mission has been to get the world investing successfully. We recently opened up our Invest by Rubicoin app to users across the world which has so far created tens of thousands of new stock investors. Our latest funding round will assist our successful expansion into new markets, which is a very exciting prospect for us,” said John Tyrrell, Rubicoin, co-founder and COO.

Emmet Savage, Rubicoin co-founder and CEO added: “The last year has been a period of rapid growth for Rubicoin. We graduated from NovaUCD to our new offices in Dublin’s Merrion Row with our team more than doubling from 6 to 13 employees. We have also enjoyed a rapid increase in customer uptake, with over 150,000 app downloads in the same period. We are confident that our apps will continue to grow in popularity around the globe.”

Pictured above are John Tyrrell and Emmet Savage, Rubicoin co-founders