UCC Research Programme Launches Cost-Free Access Initiative

EU-funded research programme EnABLES has launched a new initiative that provides cost-free access to devices and researchers.

The Transnational Access programme, which is coordinated by Tyndall National Institute at UCC, offers free-of-charge access to equipment, tools and expertise related to powering the internet of things (IoT). The aim of EnABLES is to eliminate the need for battery replacement by developing energy harvesting solutions or by finding ways to reduce the power consumption of devices.

Academic and industry developers of IoT devices will be granted unique access to advanced research infrastructure based on the technology pillars of energy harvesting, energy storage, micro-power management and system integration. EnABLES already brings together a consortium of 130 ‘powering IoT’ researchers, giving access to over €2 billion worth of research infrastructure.

Tyndall sees the potential impact of EnABLES as vast — the world will have one trillion IoT devices by 2025. Most of which, they say, will require an embedded self-contained power source.

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The access process is simple, according to Tyndall. Examples of offerings can be viewed on the EnABLES website and an online enquiry form is available at www.enables-project.eu. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Pictured Above: Mike Hayes, Coordinator, Tyndall Institute.