Ask the Expert: Kildare Village

Business Director at Kildare Village, René Frion, on how Kildare Village is uniquely positioned to deliver five-star event experience.

Why is Kildare Village a great place as a destination for such an event? In today’s crowded marketplace, companies are increasingly looking to offer their customers something a little bit different when it comes to membership and loyalty events. With customer satisfaction ratings that are second-to-none and a pristine environment in which to entertain, Kildare Village has set itself apart as a partner that can be trusted with a most precious asset, your customer. Typically, event packages are bespoke. We work with companies and agencies alike to create an event offering that is unique and relevant to their audience. Partnering brands generally look to include an elevated service offering, such as exclusive access to our private apartment and gourmet catering, before adding themed experiential elements, such as family entertainment.

As a flagship retail destination with over 100 premium and luxury brands, shopping and access to brand demonstrations, style sessions and masterclasses are a key part of any event.

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At the most basic level, guests visiting Kildare Village love to experience VIP treatment and companies and brands are eager to be associated with that feel-good factor. Local, national and international companies have joined the growing list of organisations that are building a schedule of annual events around the Kildare Village commercial and experiential calendar.

Where a partner has their own loyalty programme, an interesting hook can be to ‘boost’ points and rewards available during the event. This has been used to great effect, for example, by airline partners who can offer bonus air miles linked to purchases made in Village. Kildare Village also has a standalone reward platform that allows partners to provide exclusive treats to their customers over the course of an event.

Maintained year-round to the highest of standards, Kildare Village offers a truly unique venue for corporate entertainment. From team building days for staff to large-scale customer marketing events, the ability to cater to groups of all sizes sets Kildare Village apart as one of the few venues capable of delivering a five-star service to dozens, or thousands, of guests over the course of an event.

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How important are corporate events to build client relationships?

“Corporate events are of particular importance to companies that may not have a strong physical presence. Such companies are not often presented with opportunities to meet with their customers
and clients face-to-face. Online businesses, in particular, can benefit significantly from showing a more human side to their business.”

What is your top tip for small firms looking to utilise an event to enhance client and employee relationships?

“Take the opportunity to be present at your event. Kildare Village will ensure that all the details and touch-points are looked after, but if you are not there to meet and interact with your guests, you are missing a key opportunity to further build your relationships and brand.”

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