Ask the Expert: Free Now Business

Ailish O’Donnell from Free Now advises small firms to embrace free technologies in day-to-day operations to drive success and transform business travel forever.

In an ever-changing digital landscape there can be a lot of noise around embracing technology in your business – this can be quite daunting for small firms as cost and resources can be limited. However, there are ways in which you can champion technology to your benefit in everyday operations that save you money and reduce time wasted, allowing you to focus on what’s actually important to your business.

I advise business owners and small firms to actively seek out tools and applications that can help your organisation improve operational challenges. While this isn’t going to revolve around the core of what you do – it will drive results for your business overall.

Business travel is a key component of staying connected and growing your business. The implications of inefficiency and dated manual processes associated with this are so often overlooked – as business travel is not typically a focal point in measuring efficiency but still can have a significant impact. Organising taxis, waiting time, keeping track of travel expenses and reporting consumes valuable time, eventually affecting the bottom line. There are options available to completely automate this seamlessly, at no additional cost.

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Formerly known as mytaxi Business, Free Now Business is not only about getting people from A to B but also, the freedom to travel for business without any limitations. Free Now is remodeling European mobility, offering freedom of movement to upgrade your experience. Our dynamic taxi solutions make business travel more efficient, transparent and stress-free in over 100 cities.

As Europe’s first taxi app, we have revolutionised urban mobility by reducing wait times, increasing service levels and providing a fully transparent booking system. We help small business owners and SMEs access free innovative solutions to manage ground transportation seamlessly: from booking and travelling to online reporting and expensing.

Helping organisations and business owners overcome apprehensions and embrace technology to their short-term and long-term advantage. Key message: don’t get left behind. Aiming to inspire clients to move away from more conventional models and to resist falling victim to the, ‘But we’ve always done it that way,” mindset. The taxi industry is renowned for being a more traditional industry; yet, the introduction of the app and reporting automation has transformed business travel in Ireland forever.

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How should firms use digital mobility services?

“For small firms, we understand that business can be stressful enough and our aim is to make it easier by taking the hassle associated with travel out of the equation. Our business account option is free and has a variety of reporting tools – we’re making expenses easier for everyone involved.”

What is the future of business travel?

“The rapid innovation of all things ‘on-demand’ will continue, alongside the development of personalised services. Cognitive-first applications are focusing on augmenting travel and expense experiences through emerging technologies like AI. Trial digital platforms – what may seem complex, can often completely streamline a dated process effortlessly.”

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