Women Make It Work: Virgin Media Solutions

Pictured: Paula McCarthy, Head of Virgin media Solutions./by Paul McCarthy

Better Business shines a light on three inspiration entrepreneurs carving out a niche in business with a little help from Virgin’s range of solutions that allow busy professionals to focus on the important things.


As Head of Virgin Media Solutions, Paula McCarthy oversees the advertising sales unit of the company’s television offering. McCarthy describes how the ever-evolving workplace demands innovative approaches and dependable tools. “The world and the way we work has changed so much in the last 15 years, so having something that is reliable and superfast is hugely important for firms,” she comments. “I spend 80% of my time working from different locations, so I understand the importance of a high-speed broadband connection. I actually couldn’t imagine what my job would be like without having that real streamlined connectivity – a product that you just genuinely don’t have to worry about that allows businesspeople across the country to be more productive and ultimately gives people precious time back, whether it be for the next task, or to spend more time with family and friends.”

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“One of the biggest things for us at Virgin  Media Television  is how we  build  connections with audiences,” she adds. “And that’s really through our services and the  quality  content we provide: both  premium  Irish and  the best of  international content. We’re putting a big amount of investment into making sure that this content is available whenever and wherever people want to consume it.”

McCarthy’s role is about building these connections between advertisers and audiences in a  brand safe environment on Virgin Media  Television  platforms. “TV is a really exciting  space to be in right now  – TV content is going everywhere,” says the enthusiastic Corkonian. “But firms should be aware that there’s a big distinction between  seeking outvalue for money  options  and cheap  options,  and  at Virgin Media we always make sure our clients get the right deal with reliable products they really need to grow their business, whether it’s TV advertising or superfast broadband and bundle options.”

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