Speakers Revealed for the Fifth Annual TEDx Event at UCD

Twelve speakers have been announced to take part in TEDxUCD 2017, the fifth annual TEDx event organised by volunteers from UCD Research and Innovation and held at University College Dublin. The event has seen a total of forty speakers deliver TEDxUCD talks over the last four years, which have a combined total of over 385,000 views on YouTube.

The 2017 event will feature talks from members of the wider UCD community including researchers, students, alumni and friends who will speak on a wide range of ideas. The event will take place on Tuesday, 5 December, (10 am – 4 pm), in the UCD Dramsoc Theatre, UCD Student Centre.

Among this year’s TEDxUCD speakers are Dr Bahareh Heravi, a data and computational journalism lecturer, trainer, practitioner and innovator at UCD’s School of Information and Communication Studies, who will deliver a talk entitled ‘How is data journalism changing the newsroom?’

Dr Bahareh Heravi said, “We live in a moment where petabytes of data are being generated around us on an hourly basis, and this volume just keeps growing. This data has value. The secret weapon for journalists in creating great stories is their sources. ‘Data’ is the hot new source, and the prevalence of such enormous quantities of data alters the news landscape. In my forthcoming TEDxUCD 2017 talk I will take you on a journey through the emerging world of ‘data journalism’.”

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The free tickets for the event will be available from Wednesday 22 November here.

Pictured above: Colin Keogh, Dr Bahareh Heravi and Dominic O’Connor