Enterprise Ireland Unveils New Export Tool

Enterprise Ireland has developed a new interactive online tool aimed at helping Irish entrepreneurs and business owners assess how prepared they are to start exporting.

Known as the Prepare to Export Scorecard, the free tool will act as a starting point for companies interested in exporting and reaching overseas markets. The scorecard analyses answers submitted on a number of questions and generates an immediate report.

The on-the-spot assessment focuses on a company’s level of export-readiness with regards to business planning, people management, operations, sales & marketing, innovation and finance. By focusing on these aspects of business, the scorecard looks to assist emerging and potential exporters to consider where to start as well as defining the practical steps that can be taken to plan and begin their export journey.

Also included is a peer learning element that will allow users to access video case studies of fellow SMEs that share what they have learned. Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, Heather Humphreys said: “Many Irish companies have the talent and ambition to succeed in global markets, but do not know how to get started.

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“To be resilient in the face of potential economic shocks, such as Brexit, Irish exporting companies need to be innovative, competitive and have a diversified global footprint. The new Prepare to Export Scorecard is an important addition to the existing range of supports available through Enterprise Ireland in that regard.”

Garrett Murray, Manager, Exporter Development, Enterprise Ireland said: “Companies thinking about exporting may be unsure about how to make that first step. Our new Prepare to Export Scorecard is a useful starting point for SMEs looking to assess their export preparedness for expansion into new overseas markets.”